Christian Catholic Church Society organized &
First board of trustees establised

Transcription from the original document kept in Kankakee District Court, Illinois

Christian Catholic
Church Society Charter

St. Ann Chapel, Kankakee County, Illinois

Reverend Charles Chiniquy

State of Illinois
Kankakee County

At a meeting of the (French-Canadian) inhabitants of St. Ann in Kankakee County, State of Illinois, on the 3rd day of September 1859, in ( ) of a former notice given at the Chapel of the Christian Catholic Church of St. Ann, for the purpose of organizing a religious society,

- on a motion of Reverend Charles Chiniquy, seconded by Désiré Drolet, Louis Mercier was unanimously elected President;

- on a motion of Moise Langelier, seconded by Michel Drolet, Georges Gauthier was elected Secretary;

- on a motion of Joseph Martin, seconded by Anselme Robillard, it was unanimously resolved that this society be known and designated as the Christian Catholic Church;

- on a motion of Abraham Pelletier, seconded by Achille Chiniquy, it was unanimously resolved that there be elected for the government and management of this said Church Society, ten trustees, whose term of office shall last for one year from this day and until their successors in office shall have been elected by this said Society;

- on a motion of Magloire Desmarteaux, seconded by Louis Mercier, the following persons were proposed and unanimously elected for the management and direction of the Christian Catholic Church:

Reverend Charles Chiniquy,
Michel Allais,
Louis Mercier,
Anselme Robillard,
Thomas Lortie,
Moise Langelier,
Abraham Pelletier,
Joseph Martin,
Michel Drolet,
Achille Chiniquy.

The above named persons having accepted the said office of trustees have hereunto set their hands and seal:

Charles Chiniquy,
Anselme Robillard,
Louis Mercier,
Moise Langelier,
Abraham Pelletier,
Michel Drolet, Joseph Martin,
Michel Allais (being absent has not signed).

Louis Mercier, President.
Achille Chiniquy, Secretary.


At a meeting of the Board of Trustees, on the 10th day of September 1859, the Reverend Charles Chiniquy was elected President unanimously.


Subscribed and sworn before me this 13th day of September 1859.
Philip Worchester, Clerk